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Dog Training Services In Toronto

For owners worried about their dogs, Who’s Training Who offers comprehensive dog
training services in Toronto. We offer an experienced trainer for highly reactive and unpredictable 
canine.behaviors. Our mission is to help owners understand their pets better so that they can
develop a strong relationship with them.  The one-on-one in-home sessions are ideal for training dogs of
this nature. Our Toronto dog and puppy training service are the best you can find in your town. 

Personalized Training

All dogs are different. Their personalities are unique and matter significantly in how they are rehabilitated. This factor plays a significant role in how training is done.  This calls for a personalized training approach.  We at Who’s Training understand the need for action-based training. Our trainer first evaluates the dog’s behavior, needs, and likings before making an action plan. 

This custom approach helps us identify the root cause of the behavior to target and rehabilitate specifically. Our trainer is experienced in understanding the personalities and likings and building the trust of his client's dogs after spending a short period of time with them. Our dog training services in Toronto are unlike any other company. 

Being the Decision Maker

If you are a first-time dog owner spoiling and catering to them is very easy however this behavior can help the dog develop unwanted and sometimes scary behaviors.  Here at Who’s Training our trainer walks you step by step through the whole process.  Understanding how important you setting rules, boundaries, and limitations and enforcing these help the dog to understand right from wrong. That is why we suggest all struggling dog owners get training soon as possible for their dog/puppy. 

Our sessions are comprehensive and informative and will show you how to understand and communicate in a common language. We will also teach you how to positively interact and play with your dog constructively while helping them learn obedience.  We will also cover social interactions with strangers and how to walk on a leash with positive reinforcement  

Advanced Goals And Procedures 

The Premium Toronto Dog And Puppy Training Service

At Who’s Training Who, we are dedicated to helping dogs adjust better in their homes. We envision all puppies happy and content in their homes while their owners are satisfied. Years of experience have led our trainer to adopt the latest methods per the dogs
requirements. Moreover, all these lessons are based on positive contributions and social learning.  


Our custom approach, and positive solutions make us the company of choice for dog owners. Our methodology is tried and tested and as per the latest research. That is the reason we enjoy a high success rate among the competition. It not only links back to our procedure but also the experience and qualifications of our trainer.

Our comprehensive sessions are something you can never find at another facility. After your first introduction the trainer will discuss the action plan with you (the owner). He will also mention the rehabilitation process and areas that require special attention. So,
contact us today for world-class dog training services in Toronto and get ready to build a stronger, healthier relationship with your dog.

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