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Best Dog Training Service Toronto York

Who’s Training Who offers one of the highest quality and most comprehensive dog training programs in Toronto, York. Jason is one of the most experienced professionals in this field. His methods are positive and effective for all breeds, young through mature. That’s why he enjoys the reputation of being the most qualified trainer around. We only offer private in-home and neighborhood sessions. The training curriculum and highly effective methodology make us a top choice for dog owners. If you are also looking for the best dog training service in Toronto, York, you are at the right place. 

Everything About Our Service 

If you are seriously worried about your dog’s well-being or dealing with unwanted behaviours, learning how to connect with them is essential to the rehabilitation process. Here at Who’s Training Who we offer Private in-home training to help you conquer all your obedience and behavioral issues. We strive to provide you with the best one on one service in Toronto York. Inquire about an exclusive personal training package today.

Whether your dog is entirely out of your control or just needs to work on its manners, we have you covered. We provide experienced knowledgeable training for all breeds. If you just need help stopping your dog from pulling your arm off or something more serious, look to Who’s Training Who to help you solve those issues. All packages include one on one training in off-leash areas focusing on obedience in this highly distracted scenario.

We also offer K-9 behavior rehabilitation for highly reactive, nervous, fearful, and unsocialized dogs. Our methods are safe and extremely effective at getting the dogs to understand the differences between right and wrong and reinforced with positive associations. The trainer believes in kindness, transparency, and honest interactions with his clients.  


Our Training Curriculum 

The training packages are comprehensive and cover all the essential areas of learning.  No matter which package you choose, be assured that they all cover basic obedience and manners.  Moreover, we train our owners how to better understand and communicate with their dogs in a language they understand and identify with. This helps you build a better understanding of how your dog communicates even after he becomes an adult from a small puppy 

For Dogs, The Following Is An Overview Of The Training Areas We Cover: 

  • Obedience

  •  Human interaction

  •  Understanding gestures 

  •  Loose Leash walking  

  •  Biting and nipping control

  •  Calm and composed behavior

  •  Fetching and other activities 

How owners interact with there dogs directly impacts how the dog conducts themselves in every situation. Here at Who’s training who we directly involve the owners in the dog or puppy training. We train our owners to carry out: 


  •  Handling a reactive and out of control dog

  •  How to manage dog to dog interactions?

  •  Understanding the importance of dog independence

  •  Learning how being calm and assertive helps your dog trust you.

  •  Learning techniques to manage a nervous, anxious, or fearful dog and much more.

K-9 Behavior Rehabilitation 

However, if you are afraid of your dog due to the fear that he may attack another dog, or becomes highly reactive on a leash, has guarding or territorial issues you should look into our K-9 behavior rehabilitation program. In this package, we focus on specifically getting to the root cause of these behaviors and rehabilitating them all. Such behavior’s unpredictable and unsafe for all, especially when you have other pets or children at home.

Training them is essential to ensure the protection of your loved ones. For this, you can leave it all to our specialized dog trainer. Our trainer has extensive experience handling very reactive and dominant dogs he knows how to tackle extreme behaviors. Dogs who were not taught basic manners from the start tend to ignore humans and their owners’ commands. This becomes quite challenging to
control them once they are adults without professional help. This is where we come in. We know how to calm very reactive breeds through positive methods. Our procedures are safe and effective. That’s why we enjoy 5-star reviews and an excellent market reputation. We are the top K-9 dog and puppy obedience training providers in York. 

Best Dog Training Service In Toronto York

All these fantastic features make us the company of choice for getting your dog trained. Not only are our methods advanced, but they are also tried and tested. The success rate of our trainer and training methods speaks for our work. You can also search online for the many positive reviews.  

Our in-home sessions are why we consistently exceed our client’s expectations with quality dog and puppy obedience training in York. So, if your dog has been acting strange or reacts intrusive on minor factors, you should look into getting help from our dog trainer. We offer packages or an hourly rate depending on your needs. Our sessions are flexible and can be easily adjusted with your work schedule.

You have three months from the initial start of training to complete the remaining three lessons.  Any sessions remaining after this time will be void unless discussed with the trainer beforehand. Feel free to contact us at 647-466-0404 and get more details about the best dog training service in Toronto, York.

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