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Puppy Obedience Training Etobicoke

Who’s Training Who offers effective dog/puppy training programs for all breeds in Etobicoke. We keep our sessions fun and positively focused on helping the owner and dog better understand one another. Our puppy/dog obedience training in Etobicoke is ideal for new puppies and highly reactive dogs to learn basic manners and have a more balanced demeanor.   In short, our trainer works directly with you using positive and consistent methods which provide you with extremely fast results If you wish to improve the relationship with your puppy/dog look to Who’s Training Who Dog Training 

Benefits Of Our Dog Training

As you know, Training is essential for all dogs. Some of the exclusive benefits you will get our obedience training to involve the following; Our Training is excellent for young puppies to adjust to the new environment. Socialization training helps your dog/puppy interact well with other humans and other dogs 


  • Our private classes help pet owners learn the skills necessary to understand their dogs better 

  • We welcome dogs of any age, size, or breed 

  • Highly reactive dogs can become calm and composed with our positive training methods

  • It boosts the physical and mental health of your pet 

  • We help your dog be a part of the family and enjoy events like other members 

  • In the end, you will enjoy a healthier and stronger bond with your dog/puppy


Early Training and Socialization 

Training a puppy is essential in many ways. It builds a strong foundation for their behavior later in life.  Providing a good foundation will help to prevent destructive and unwanted behaviors from forming. These early habits determine how your dog will behave as an adult. That is why starting your dog/puppy training as early as possible is important. We are your go-to for Puppy obedience training in Etobicoke

Our Good Foundations package is for puppies 8-16 weeks of age. This course covers basic obedience, working with the client to manage unwanted and destructive behaviors 

Your Go-To Name For Puppy/Dog Obedience Training In Etobicoke

Due to our superior training methods, we are the go-to name for many dog owners. Our trainer has been recommended by vets and various adoption agencies for being able to produce results.

Our program for puppy obedience training in Etobicoke is exclusive to tailor-made learning. The curriculum is carefully planned per the dogs' needs and requirements. You can also ask for queries at any time by directly contacting our trainer. This allows you to become the best dog owner in town.

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