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Dog Training Expert In Mississauga

For calm and composed dog training in Mississauga, trust the trainer at Who's Training Who. Our methods and techniques are formulated through extensive research and experience.  We are dedicated to helping our owners get results fast. We focus on helping you to better understand how your dog communicates with you. While showing you how to also communicate with them in a language they understand using verbal and non-verbal language.

Mississauga Dog Trainers

Knowing this is key in getting your dog to understand what you want and expect from them with way less frustration.  When you start implementing this technique it really makes managing the unwanted behaviours much less frustrating. Training your dog to be your best friend and a respectful companion is just one of our priorities here at Who’s Training Who.  We know that you have probably tried to train your puppy or new addition yourself, but sometimes it just isn't as easy as the books and videos make it look. Trust our methods and techniques to get the best results for puppy/dog training in Mississauga.

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Positive Dog Training In Mississauga 

A dog can be one of the best, if not the best companions for us as humans if you know how to train and communicate with them. Being a good decision-maker for your dog helps them to understand your rules, boundaries, and limitations and to trust you, whether you want them to befriend humans or animals. For owners, mixing this technique with other behavioral language techniques can help redirect a reactive or irritated animal to a satisfied one. We extend companionable dog training in Mississauga, to help strengthen your relationship and build trust. 

Dog Training Expert In Mississauga 

Only an experienced dog trainer can handle dogs who are extremely reactive and have unpredictable behavior.  Who's Training Who Mississauga is proud to offer such a person.Jason is a qualified trainer you will be paired with throughout your classes. He has always been a dog lover and has owned and trained both calm and dominant breeds. He has experience in handling dogs of different conduct. This makes him ideal for understanding custom dog behaviors and creating training plans accordingly. 

In all these years of training, Jason saw that a good percentage of a dog's behavior was directly related to how its owner interacts with them. Therefore, the owners' behavior matters a lot. Jason will teach you how to understand your dog and help build a better relationship with him in your sessions. He can control dogs of all emotions. Identifying the reason for the behavior is the first step in determining a rehabilitation procedure. Our dog training expert in Mississauga is ideal for making a personalized plan so that you can reach your relationship goal with your dog 

Training A New Puppy 

Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility, especially when he is an untrained puppy. Understanding how to provide a good foundation matters considerably in building a lifetime of successful behavior for your dog. At Who’s Training Who we help you to create a good foundation and more. We take our training way beyond the simple Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Off and leave it commands. We walk you through the whole puppy stage in our training program done in your home, not in a classroom.  We teach how to deal with all the unwanted behaviors that other trainers seem to just skip over.  That's why your interaction in a puppy's early months is crucial in creating a line that helps them understand the difference between right and wrong behaviors and interactions. At this early stage reinforcing positive behaviors and correcting unwanted ones will help you become a good decision-maker, affecting how he turns out to be as an adult dog.  

Jason understands that a puppy's early life is critical but can be very overwhelming at the same time. At Who's Training Who our training is based on building a solid foundation of communication and trust. Our "Good Foundations" program is about handling a puppy of fewer than four months. The trainer will teach you how to interact with your puppy, help you to start setting rules, boundaries, and limitations, and work towards your training goals. helping the puppy to better adjust to his new environment and learning to trust you.  It also involves introducing him to other people so that he knows how to interact with strangers all of his life. 

Best Puppy Training In Mississauga

If you are feeling overwhelmed and rethinking your decision to do this, because of your dog's inability to understand you is infuriating, help is a click away.  Let Who's Training Who help you with having the best dog training expert in Mississauga. We understand all your needs and therefore, extend various programs depending on your dog's behavior. Our trainer is experienced and qualified. You can trust him with your dog and his behavior rehabilitation. We deliver classes in your home and neighborhood to keep training realistic for you and your dog. The outside sessions are also ideal for socialization and dealing with distracted scenarios and learning loose-leash walking. You can enroll your dog, whether he is a puppy or an adult dog. So, get ready to have the most experienced of all the Mississauga dog trainers at your doorstep. Feel free to contact us and learn more about our services anytime. Happy learning!  

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